Words in the wee hours...

How do I begin? So much has changed since I used to write, blog, record, or simply exist in the "tech/web space". Even with all the changes ( married my man 4 years ago and had my son 4 months ago all while juggling Establish Her, running my home, designing events, and speaking at women's conferences sprinkled throughout the calendar) my heart's desire to communicate through words has continued. There are so many writers out there though that it paralyzed me during the gap of when I began and right now. Will they read? Why should I write too? Do you really want me to, Lord?

So on and so on were the crazy voices in my head, stunting me from starting or restarting shall I say. At some point, which is now for me, We have to stop listening to the mental crazy talk in a variety of voices and consider the still consistent soul whisper underneath. You see, when an interest or desire moves to an undeniable calling and act of obedience there is no arguing with it, complaining about it, or excusing it. So here I am and the words are popping on the screen one letter at a time. Writing is not just passion but obedience for me. Frankly, I don't even know or care who will read this because I'm not really even writing for the purpose of your readership but for His authorship. It's Him I'm accountable to and honestly when I write it increases MY faith while leaving a legacy for my littles. So I don't want to pen empty words that begin and end with me or just muse for the sake of being read but I feel called to share His truths through my little window of life.

I have always ( almost 20 years now) felt this impulse. Time restrictions, lack of discipline to sit at a computer screen if I'm honest, my own perfectionistic expectations, and many other road blocks led me to this moment for such a time as this. On many levels,
I can hardly believe that I'm typing this as a mother.  In the Wee Hours of a "new mommy" season it's almost like I see, think, and write clearer than ever. Ironically I now have more time, routine, and clarity (not to mention experiences under my belt) to "pen" lasting stories and truths. In a way I'm glad I didn't blog or publish what I thought I would in my twenties. Frankly it could have been disastrous and well, limited at best, since wisdom faith and truth grow deeper the more years you travel with Christ. Man, He and I have had some "travels"!

Motherhood has this unique element of maturity built into it that gives greater weight to everything. So thanks to my son who loves and needs scheduling, I now have so much more to devote to stewarding and leveraging my words. My days and nights are beautifully full in motherhood, marriage, and ministry so this blog will be a platform for me to share the insights amidst the fullness. No matter what stage of life you or I are in, His presence through it all is worth mentioning and penning (well typing)!

Hope you encounter Jesus in a deeper way through this writing adventure!

Welcome to the words in my wee hours...